AsiaGraph 2016 – ポスター発表

String Ball Soccer:紐付きセンサーボールを用いたリアルサッカーゲームプロトタイピング


Nowadays people are getting busier than before so that they haven’t enough time or place to play a real soccer. As a result, they choose to play soccer game, however, to play the soccer game, they have to use joystick or keyboard as a controller. In our opinion, we prefer to use our body and kick the ball to play soccer game. Therefore, we made a prototype consist of a sensor ball fixed by strings and the kinect to discuss whether it can be used in a somatic soccer game.



  •  Xu HAN, Kumiko KUSHIYAMA, Tetsuaki BABA, String Ball Soccer:紐付きセンサーボールを用いたリアルサッカーゲームプロトタイピング. ASIAGRAPH2016 Forum in Toyama PROCEEDINGS, Vol.11/ NO.1, pp.75-76, 2016 [PDF]